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Bastard – Choose my Identity

Tell me who I am and give me a face. In it you will find facets of me, but also see a reflection of yourself.

The idea behind BASTARD was to bring together photographers, writers, illustrators, graphic designers, musicians and typographers to create a solid and unique book that also functions as a work of art. The profoundly personal impressions of the authors and artists have become intertwined and their distinct and individual visions have served to shed light on our modern culture — on daily life, on the themes of change and continuity, and on the pervasive branding that is all around us. We must define who we are, be able to form both national and personal identities for ourselves, and in this journey we may come to see that globalization is not a completely negative force. Instead, the trend and phenomenon of globalization offers us proof that we are living in an era as exciting as one could imagine.

What happens when all of the disparate places and faces of the world „shrink“ into a global village? What happens when cultures begin to merge and traditions start to dissolve?

Searching to define cultural identity and cultural bastarding, Christian Ernst, Lars Harmsen and André Rösler traveled to various hot spots highlighting the globalization trend. Writers with personal histories of emigration contributed their stories and poems. This book has been published with more than 50 unique typefaces, which have been created by typographers from all over the word. An engaging musical soundtrack is also included, as well as 50 high-resolution images, which serve to visually and aurally complement the book’s ideas.

My contribution: Finding Authors, Fundraising, conceptual Ideas

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Rieke C. Harmsen. Digitales, Medien, Kunst, Geschichte. Chefredakteurin Online / Change Management / Digitalisierung Kuratorin / Dozentin / Fundraiserin

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