Monate: August 2015

Hans-Bernd von Haeften

Life of Hans-Bernd von Haeften

<h1>Write Nothing about Politics: The Life of Hans Bernd von Haeften</h1> Written by Barbara von Haeften Translated from the German by Julie Winter German | Germany | Memoir (excerpt) September, 2014 Moltke was arrested on January 19, 1944. At first, the only thing that incriminated him was the fact that he had warned Kiep of his impending arrest; not until July 20 was his connection to the Friends known. Although I see nothing in Hansen’s letters about it, it’s clear that the circle of Friends had lost its center and its driving force. At the end of January Werner suddenly saw an opportunity to kill Hitler. When Werner was with Hans and went to get his pistol out of the suitcase, Hans demanded of him: “Is this really your duty before God and our forefathers?” Werner capitulated. Hans was, however, very troubled that he had intervened since Nazi crimes and bestial war atrocities continued. At the end of February Hans was promoted to legation counselor first class with the title of Privy Counselor in the …