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Haeften-Treffen 2016 am Bodensee

Dear members of the Haeften Family Association, Dear interested van & von Haeften kinswomen and kinsmen,

we would like to invite you to our next family reunion which will take place at and around the region of lake Constance in southern Germany.

Why lake Constance? In 2014, the tomb of Agnes von Haeften was named official monument of the „route of memory“ in southern Germany. Agnes von Haeften is the mother of Werner and Hans-Bernd von Haeften. Both brothers took part in the military-based conspiracy against Adolf Hitler known as the 20 July plot. They are considered as heroes of the German anti-Nazi resistance. We will see the grave and a special exhibition about the military resistance.

Further, we would like to visit Salem School. It is located in the Cistercian monastery of Salem Abbey which was founded in 1134. The abbey already had its own scriptorium in the 12th century, and formed one of the most important monastery libraries in Europe. Now the grounds are home to school „Schule Schloss Salem“, founded in 1920 by Kurt Hahn and Prince Max of Baden. After World War II, many of the children of the anti-Nazi resistance group stayed in the school.

We will then take the chance to look at one of the most known pilgrimage-churches of southern Germany – the „Basilika Birnau“ – and continue to Meersburg, a charming little medieval city which is reserved for pedestrians only.

On Monday morning we will have some time to talk about family-related topics, as the „family club“ etc.

Children any age are welcome – the program is perfectly suited for families!

We look forward to seeing you again!


Dirk-Michael Harmsen ( and Rieke C. Harmsen ( on behalf of the organizing team

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